Posted on 09-Jul-2019

Dr. Smita Jaiswal (Life Care Hospital)

High-Risk Pregnancy - How To Administer It?
Pregnancy is one of the most delicate phases in the life of a woman and if she is experiencing a high-risk pregnancy then she needs to be extra cautious. It is an extra delicate phase for her and she should watch herself very minutely. She must take good care of herself and if she feels or notices any discomfort, then she must immediately consult her gynecologist. But what exactly is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one where the expecting mother or her fetus or both are at a higher risk of developing complications. These complications have the potential to affect the baby as well as the mother. Unfortunately, there is no cure for high-risk pregnancy but the good news is that if managed well, the mother and her baby can be protected from the complications. Also, if a woman is aware of the causes leading to high-risk pregnancy, she can manage it easily.

Causes of high-risk pregnancy
• Conceiving before 18 and after 35: Different medical studies have established that conceiving after 30 increases the chances of developing complications in the mother and the baby but after 35, these chances are pretty high. The risk of miscarriage is higher and so is the risk of genetic defects in the baby. In the case of teen pregnancy, that is, conceiving before 18, the risks of miscarriage and malnourished baby accompany the mother.
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